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Dermaquest Stem Cell 3D Hydrafirm


1 oz.

Drench your skin in a cascade of moisture with our exceptional anti-aging, hydrating serum. Bursting with botanical stem cells, Stem Cell 3D HydraFirm is created with remarkable concentrations of Gardenia, Echinacea, Lilac, Apple and Orange Plant Stem Cells to soften fine lines and wrinkles while improving skin tone and restoring elasticity to overworked skin. Simultaneously, five powerful peptides and Hyaluronic Acid work to replenish and keep dry skin at bay. With each use, your skin will possess a covetable, dewy glow, perfect for use under our Stem Cell 3D Tinted Moisturizer.


Stem Cell 3D HydraFirm provides luscious hydration at a cellular level increasing skin firmness and gives skin exceptional energy and a radiant glow. It compels connective tissue to shrink the length of wrinkles and reduce skin roughness. This hydrating serum is ideal for oily or acneic skin types.

Performance Ingredients

Neodermyl® (Anti-Aging Ingredient)
30% (Sodium Hyaluronate)
MDI Complex®
Unichondrin ATP Complex
5 Potent Peptides
Plant Stem Cell Blend


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