Fall Update

Choosing a Massage

Massage is a part of the lifestyle of athletes, celebrities,  health aficionados and individuals who just enjoy massage. Many studies  demonstrate the benefits of massage; but a lot of us are unfamiliar with the  types of massages and what they have to offer. In a series of articles Genesis will provide timely facts, tips, information that will help you select a massage that is right for you. Additionally, we would like to answer any questions you may have that are not covered in our brief articles, So Ask Away!


The term “therapeutic” has no specific attachment to any one type of massage. “Therapeutic” originally comes from  Latin origins meaning to heal medically. Although massage is provided in hospitals, chiropractic clinics, alternative medical facilities, and spas, massage does not cure a condition rather it facilitates your body’s recovery, health and healing. Medical facilities and spas alike typically use the designation “therapeutic” to imply that it is different from a simple relaxation massage although relaxation can be very  “therapeutic”. Sometimes Therapeutic Massage is called “Medical Massage” to imply a massage apart from relaxation but there is no “medical massage” specific to the medical field. Genesis designates “Therapeutic” to imply deeper tissue massage which helps normalize contracted muscle tissue, improve range of motion and relieve muscle pain. Deep tissue massage applies a more compressive force and can be uncomfortable as contracted muscle tissue is released. If you are having difficulty moving due to aching muscles or muscle pain that won’t go away, a deep tissue or therapeutic massage may be just what you need! The next article in our series will discuss “How to get the most benefit from a Massage

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